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We Have Puppies!
Toy Bulldogs

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Get-A-Wag's Bulliebear Toy Bulldog Club is pleased to showcase their beautiful breed on this website.  Each Toy Bulldog breeder is dedicated to the improvement of the breed and carefully evaluates the quality of each puppy to ensure they are producing the best.  When you purchase a puppy from one of our breeders you get good temperament and a cute little dog that will amaze your friends.  They come in every color and pattern, and some have blue eyes. 

No health problems have been found in this breed after ten years of monitoring all offspring produced. They have good endurance, no breathing difficulty or sensitivity to the heat.  Toy Bulldogs have no hip dysplasia or sloppy joint structure found in some English Bulldogs.  These dogs can be very tiny starting at five pounds and up. That is a fraction of the size of a French Bulldog or the even larger, Miniature Bulldog.

You'll be happy with your Toy Bulldog.  This is a breed that was developed by the Get-A-Wag Foundation as ideal for therapy dogs too. They are excellent natured with children and like cats too. A feisty dog when at play, it soon calms down to make a sweetheart of a lapdog that is quiet and ideally suited to city or apartment living. This dog will appeal to man or woman. They are smart and house train easily.  Almost 'no care', a Toy Bulldog seldom needs groomed and gets all the exercise it requires within the home.  But they are devoted companions and are ready to go if you want to walk.  They can keep up!

Write us if you would like more information.  Someone will call you back usually within the hour.

Watch the video by Rebecca VanMeter, Founder of the Toy Bulldog foundation. 

Please buy your puppy here and help a special child Get-A-Wag Therapy Dog.

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